Data Wrangling

Oct 24th, 2019


Data Wrangling

A process that involves preprocessing the data to make it suitable for analysis. This includes dealing with erroneous values, duplicates, missing values, noise; a perfect example being context of social media data, ill-formatted data and messy data.

Eliminating the doubles - Data duplication and inaccuracy often go under the radar. After all, some company have more data than there is sand on the beach (or the beaches in the world). It’s challenging to know what’s where and what’s what. A simple mistake goes a long and often disastrous way. Imagine an employee enters the wrong address, name or the cost of a product. It can be a simple typo that gets entered into your system. No harm, no foul, right? Actually wrong, that information is processed as true until it’s time to analyze the data then that’s where it escalates into a messy situation. Diamonds Consulting Inc. ensures your data is free of duplicates, standardizing and maintaining its quality.