What is Diamonds Consulting

We hope to be a leader in using data to help other companies remodel their business toward growth, decision making and strategic investments.

Our core values are company growth, customer satisfaction, innovation and team building.

Our Mission

At Diamonds we help companies optimize data sets, use data intelligence to make better informed decisions and create company growth through data Analytics.

Our Purpose

To be inspired by clients, working hard to help businesses with data to reduce the bias in machine learning and this is how we will address them.

1. Developers

Developers are required to determine feature relevance prior to training the model. The primary role of a developer is to develop a model or sort of design a model. For example, If we have gender in the dataset how relevant is it in determining this entry belongs to this category. Feature Relevance, Feature Extraction these are normally done during the data preprocessing stage.

2. Validation

Validation is done after the training phase of the model to sort of deal with issues such as over fitting, and also to determine how the model is performing on small chunks of data picked randomly

3. Model Evaluation

Use of different metrics to find out the false alarm rates, etc So now the whole pipeline is beyond developing these systems. They have to be evaluated through a study is called FATE analysis:

  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethics

Technolgies Used

We currently using the following technology and software

  • Microsoft Excel
  • SAP
  • TIBco
  • Tessaract
  • Keras
  • TensorFlow
  • Strata
  • Machine Learning
  • How to use data and analytics?

    We use the following 4 step approach

    • Step 1: Build your data foundation
    • Step 2: Apply advanced analytics
    • Step 3 Improve business performance
    • Step 4 Explore innovation opportunities

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